The client, a hardware company, had previously focused on wholesale sales, and wants to use how-to videos to help capture more of a retail market. Most of these prospective customers are farmers and ranchers, so the style needed to appeal to that audience.
Blackbuck located local, experienced welders who could demonstrate how to install and use the products that the client wanted to feature. Several videos were filmed at a small ranch, and some were filmed at a welding shop.
Blackbuck drafted a general script for the videos, but asked the welders to speak more extemporaneously to give the videos a naturalistic style. The videos include tips for less experienced welders so that the client comes across as an approachable, novice-friendly business.
The videos have been viewed more than 12,000 times, with about 2/3 of those views happening directly from YouTube. (The other 1/3 are watching the videos embedded on the client's website.) This has increased Spring Creek Product's brand visibility by capturing an audience outside of the website. 
Thank you!
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